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What’s Your Next? Goal-Getting in 2020

The question “What’s Your Next” or stated differently, “What’s Next for You” has led me to put pen to paper as it relates to personal, professional and business goals that I’ve set for myself this year. This month, I really stretched myself to think of what was next for me in four key categories: faith, family, fitness and finances. Including all areas of life in my goal setting is important because last year, after completing one year in business full time, my spiritual, personal and romantic life truly suffered. We hear all the time about the sacrifices that must be made when starting (and running) a business however, without setting healthy boundaries and making time for other areas of life that matter, one can live a life quite off balance.

Below I share my top 20 for 2020—20 goals/resolutions I am setting out to accomplish this year. This post is designed to hold me publicly accountable to these goals and to bring others along on my journey. I would love to hear from you regarding tips, tools, resources or insights that have worked for you while pursuing similar goals.

Goal 1: Daily prayer, meditation and brisk walking. I was totally off my morning ritual in 2019. There were days I would wake up for meditation, start the process and drift back into a deeper sleep. There were days when I had all intentions on going for a long walk and had even gone as far as putting on leggings, tank top and tennis. Before I knew it, I found myself sucked into reading work emails or fighting small fires. I can easily fault a busy schedule or make excuses about why I haven’t made time for these rituals. The truth of the matter is I need all three of these practices for survival. They calm my spirit and strengthen my mind, body and soul.

Goal 2: Lose 15lbs gained during my trip to Africa. After spending a month abroad and eating any and everything I wanted, I returned with several unwanted pounds. I will be continuing my fitness journey, this time with less negative self-talk and more positive energy around overall better health and wellness. I am also seeking an accountability partner to support me in this area.

Goal 3: Double my business income over 2019 levels. I am declaring the increase now and taking steps to strengthen my existing pipeline and create new revenue streams. Last year, I focused mostly on my buzz marketing and business development solutions and grew my business to include a few government agencies, nonprofits and a handful of small businesses. While I did promote my budgeting solutions via social media, I accomplished very little by way of building my tribe of Savings Passionistas and Passionados—individuals who are passionate about and committed to saving, investing and getting their personal finances in order. These are the men and women who are using the R.E.A.L.I.S.T.I.C Budget Method to transform their finances and make a difference for themselves and their families.

What most people don’t know is that one hand (or side of my business) feeds the other. The income from my buzz marketing and business solutions allows me to pursue my passion for helping others with their budgeting.

Goal 4: Make time to date (at least 2-3 times per month). You ever have a friend or colleague who complains about not being in a relationship, yet they don’t make time to date? I am guilty as charged in this situation. In 2020, despite having a full plate, I am committed to making time for love to blossom in my life.

Goal 5: Host friends and family at least once a quarter. Amongst my greatest loves are food, laughter and amazing energy. When running a business, there are times when the fun factor and/or time with loved ones takes a back seat. Not this year! I am committing to putting dates on the calendar, keeping it simple (potluck style), and hosting game nights or other social gatherings that bring together family members and friends. Inbox me for an invite.

Goal 6: Push past the fear of launching my online courses. There is plenty of work to be done by way of creating online courses. I must learn new technology, create content, create a marketing strategy, etc. Come hell or high water, I will be in action on this in 2020 and learning to act despite my fear. I would love your feedback on tools I should try or good examples of online courses that you love.

Goal 7: Host at least one Financial Empowerment Brunch this year. When I created the first iteration of Saving Solutions some 10 years ago, I would gather groups of women together to break bread and break down barriers to better financial health. These gatherings were not only empowering for those who attended but, it fed my sense of altruism to help individuals and families move the needle by way of financial empowerment. Stay tuned for an event this year, large or small.

Goal 8: Save for my next vacay. Travel is as essential to my soul as prayer and meditation. Travelling has become therapeutic for me and does wonders for my energy level, mental clarity and overall world view. In 2020, I am contemplating several locations for my next vacation: Bali, the Maldives, somewhere in the south of Brazil or even Argentina. Any thoughts or those willing to share their itineraries?

Goal 9: Identify my next investment deal. I have been itching to make a new investment move but have been slower this time around after taking a few beatings (loses) in the real estate market. I know its par for the course however, it hurts nonetheless. In 2020, I am looking to make both small and mid-sized investments that will continue to grow my portfolio and help finance my business, travel, etc.

Goal 10: Call my mom at least three times a week. I know, I know. This one made the list because I sometimes suck (technical term) at communicating. With my mother and I being worlds apart (me in the U.S.; she in Africa), and with business taking up a huge chunk of time, I sometimes look up and the whole week has gone by without communicating…#unacceptable. This year, I am working to be in communication at least three times a week.

Goal 11: Strengthen my accountability in my “Business Builder’s” Mastermind. I am a proud graduate of Landmark Worldwide, an organization working in the transformational leadership space. One of the best support structures that came out of Landmark was the development of an accountability and coaching circle for fellow solopreneurs. This circle provides support, accountability and guidance for my business and other aspects of my life. Now in its second round, my “Business Builder’s” Mastermind continues to be a wonderful source of motivation and growth. I am looking forward to strengthening my accountability in this group.

Goal 12: Forge relationships in the “Inner Circle” Mastermind. In 2019, I partnered with my newest mentor, Kyle Wilson. In addition to working with him and co-authoring the new Amazon best-seller, “Desire, Discipline & Determination,” I was invited to join his “Inner Circle” Mastermind. I am looking forward to forging new relationships within the group and leveraging the vast experiences of its members to get to the next level in business.

Goal 13: Save for three “Inner Circle” Events. The Inner Circle Mastermind convenes across the country to give its members an opportunity to learn from one another, network, etc. I am committed to saving for three events and being in the room with dynamic people all committed to success.

Goal 14: Go salsa dancing at least once a month. Salsa dancing is one of my newest pass times. The challenge has been making the time to dance. This year, I am scheduling salsa nights at least once a month to increase my proficiency, have fun and to get exercise.

Goal 15: Dust off my roller skates and hit the rink. Another of my faves is roller skating. After a major ankle sprain in 2019, I’ve been off my wheels for 9 months. Looking forward to getting back in the rink and enjoying the roll.

Goal 16: Show random acts of kindness for 365 days. This one goes without explanation and I’m super excited about the challenge of 365 days of random acts of kindness.

Goal 17: Be even more coachable. As both a budget coach who regularly coaches clients and one who receives business coaching, I value the art of coaching. Admittedly I prefer to be on the side of the equation where I am giving coaching as it is sometimes difficult to receive and process tough feedback, criticism, etc. This year, I am working to be slower to speak and quicker to listen.

Goal 18: Read at least 30 minutes every day. I love to read however, as a new business owner, I find myself reading emails, social feeds or work-related reports and correspondence. In 2020, I want to devote more time to reading the news, articles, blogs and other items of interest.

Goal 19: Secure at least three new speaking or interview opportunities. I am always delighted to spread the word about Savings Solutions and our three signature solutions: buzz marketing, business development and budgeting. My goal is to constantly communicate the value and cost effectiveness of our products and services via all communications channels. In 2020, I hope to secure at least three new opportunities to speak or be interviewed about the business and/or my new Amazon best-seller.

Goal 20: Embrace the spirit of ubuntu as a life mantra. Ubuntu is a term meaning humanity. It is often translated as “I am because we are.” And the “we” refers to the broader society, community, village, culture, etc. I am a firm believer in the idea that there is a universal bond that connects all humanity and that we are more similar than we are different. By embracing the spirit of ubuntu, I vow to check negative thoughts, judgement, prejudices, etc. that try to creep into thought and work to replace them with positivity, empathy, acceptance, deeper understanding and appreciating differences.

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