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Buzz Marketing Solutions

Generating buzz is all about breaking through the ‘noise’ to ensure your messages, content, programs and/or products reach and resonate with your intended audience(s). 


Our Buzz Marketing Solutions generate attention for your brand and are designed to increase brand awareness, increase profitability, and/or increase your customer/stakeholder base. The best part...we save you time and money by using a project management approach, and providing agency-level quality for a fraction of the cost.

Contact us TODAY to save time and money on your next buzz marketing project.


  • Branding (programs, products, communities, organizations, etc.)

  • Content development and creative design (logos, web and social media content, marketing collateral, reports, brochures, presentations, Prezis, advertisements, etc.)

buzz marketing

Buzz-Worthy Event Solutions

Let Saving Solutions plan your next “buzz-worthy event.”  We plan everything from conferences and award ceremonies to golf tournaments and real estate events.  The best part...our project management approach saves you time and money, making the planning process a wonderful experience.

Contact us TODAY  to save time and money on your next buzz-working event.


  • Virtual events (conferences, awards ceremonies, board meetings, trainings, etc.)

  • In-person events (galas, receptions, conferences, fundraisers, awards ceremonies, community events, groundbreakings, ribbon cuttings, etc.)

buzz worthy

Business Development Solutions

The goal of business development is to identify and cultivate relationships with your target audiences in order to secure new business. But that's only half the battle. The other part involves deepening those relationships as a means of enhancing trust, transparency and increased profitability. 


We save you time and money by delivering solutions that are relevant, timely and tied to increases in your revenue and performance.


Our Business Development Solutions include: developing business strategies and processes; conducting internal and external training and development (on myriad topics); and helping you strengthen relationships with existing partners, funders and clients through developing stakeholder reports that highlight your progress and accomplishments. 

Contact us TODAY to save time and money on your business development needs.


  • Business strategies and processes

  • Stakeholder reports (strategic plans, quarterly progress reports, annual reports, Year-in-Reviews, etc.)

  • Training and development (diverse myriad topics)

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