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Mind, Body, Soul: How the Trifecta Can Make or Break Your Finances

As founder of Saving Solutions, a common theme I often impart to entrepreneurs is that budgeting alone won’t transform finances.

For lasting change, our business partners, and any entrepreneur for that matter, must also be willing to do other work: like correcting long-engrained thoughts, attitudes, behaviors and resolving personal traumas and past failures.

The trifecta of faith, failure and finances are inextricably tied. Thus, your financial independence and growth is very much dependent on and aligned with your mind, body and soul.

In the new Amazon bestseller Desire, Discipline & Determination: Lessons from Bold Thought Leaders” which I co-authored, I discuss how I began living my best financial life by learning to tap into more than the common ‘hard’ ASSets that make one successful in the workplace. I also had to tap ‘soft’ but equally important ASSets like faith, health and mindfulness.

It was only after mastering these more intangible qualities that my mind, body and soul became fertile ground for financial growth.

Mastering the Mind

The phrase “mind over matter” alludes to the use of willpower to overcome physical problems.

But did you know your mindset can also be a key ASSet in improving the matter of your finances?

Our experiences, narratives and emotions can be major distractions to financial planning. But through financial mindfulness, we learn to become more aware of our thoughts and feelings around money to ultimately change how we make financial decisions.

Practices like meditation and journaling are ways I learned to master my mental game and ultimately make better money decisions. By becoming less reactive and more responsive, I learned to prevent emotions from driving my financial decisions.

Preserving the Body

The first wealth is health!

In 2012, my health was challenged by a spinal disorder that limited my range of motion. This left me feeling physically broken and depressed. However, once I began to incorporate exercise and rituals including chiropractic, acupuncture and reiki therapy for my spine into my routine, I discovered the ASSets of wellness, balance and confidence — a mind-body-spirit alignment that resulted in a breakthrough in my career and in turn, my finances.

Healing the Soul

Life inevitably comes with errors and failures.

I’ve had to deal with several over the past decade: job loss, divorce, foreclosure, depression and PTSD to name a few. Challenges like these can be life-altering with potential to derail much more than finances. To move forward, I embraced an ASSet that had been cultivated throughout my life: faith!

For those intimidated to tackle their finances because of past failures, once you are willing to rebuild all areas of your life your finances, too, can transform!

Ready to learn more about ASSets? Discover the life-changing concept plus more on my personal journey and inspiration from other leading thought leaders here.

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