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2019 Year-in-Review

Desire, Discipline and Determination Hits the Amazon Best-Seller List

In April 2019, I co-authored "Desire, Discipline and Determination: Lessons from Bold Thought Leaders."  

Packed with powerful stories of how desire, discipline and determination can impact your life, career, business, finances, etc., this book became the platform for me to share my triumph over tragedy and how I went from poverty and 'prison' to becoming an entrepreneur, investor and savings passionista. 

The stories in this compilation project are so compelling that the book hit Amazon's best-seller list, in multiple categories, in one weekend. 

Also check out opportunities to have "Desire, Discipline and Determination" as a giveaway at your next conference or event. Contact us (via our contact form) and inquire about bulk orders. Buy in bulk and save!


Saving Solutions Generates Buzz for the Book and the Biz

Saving Solutions secured several opportunities to generate buzz for the book, as well as the business in 2019. 

This year I was interviewed on two podcasts: DC Radio's "Champagne and Credit with Muriel Garr" and "Power Station," a podcast within the Podcast Village family. I served as a speaker at two small business events hosted by PMC Studios in Washington, DC.  I also delivered a transformational keynote address at the 4th Annual Xccelerate Business Conference, one that left audiences touched, moved and inspired.  

Listen to my Power Station interview.  


Creating Buzz-Worthy Events for the DC Department of Employment Services

Saving Solutions teamed up with MW Consulting to provide event planning, management and logistics for several DC Department of Employment Services (DOES) events, including:  

  • 1st Inaugural Women in Workforce Conference

  • DCIA Infrastructure Week VIP Reception

  • DOES All-Staff Meeting and Retreat

  • Apprenticeship Recognition and Signing Program

These events brought together hundreds of DOES staff, leaders, corporate partners and other key stakeholders, all leaving with rave reviews of the agency's work.    

Check out our buzz marketing solutions and let Saving Solutions plan your next corporate event!


Saving Solutions Makes Science More Approachable:  A Partnership with DC Department of Forensic Sciences for its 

2018 Annual Report

Saving Solutions partnered with the DC Department of Forensic Sciences (DFS) to publish its 2018 Annual Report, "Self-Sustaining Science, Safer Streets." 

We helped DFS take the complex topic of forensic sciences and made it approachable for lay audiences.  We simultaneously helped DFS increase its transparency with stakeholders by highlighting its key accomplishments through this widely-read organizational report.


Washington Center for Equitable Growth Poised for 2020 Presidential Election 

EG2020 is a nonpartisan effort designed to connect academics and their evidence-based policy ideas to the 2020 Presidential campaign. Saving Solutions worked with the Washington Center for Equitable Growth to develop its project strategy and publication. Stay tuned for the publication launch in January 2020!


Introducing A Budget Method That Helps Aspiring Entrepreneurs Fund Their Start Up 

The R.E.A.L.I.S.T.I.C Budget Method is a staple of the Saving Solutions brand. In addition to being a tool for couples and families, it has helped countless aspiring entrepreneurs save for their business start up costs. For aspiring entrepreneurs, 77% of which rely on personal savings for their business startup funds, budgeting is a key tool for these savings. And for small business owners, budgeting can offer insight into how the business is performing from month to month, where cuts can be made, and whether you have the funds to make new purchases.    

Our R.E.A.L.I.S.T.I.C Budget Method saves you time and money by using a simple, low-cost, 5-step approach. This method removes the guesswork from your monthly budgeting process and creates hundreds of dollars in savings. 


Saving Solutions is a marketing and business solutions firm specializing in saving you time and money on three powerful solutions

  • Buzz marketing

  • Business development

  • Budgeting

We help companies trim the fat from their budgets and get to the meat of the matter: effectively delivering their products, programs and/or services to the market through integrated marketing and communications strategies, creative campaigns, events, and more. We help companies develop strategic plans and business strategies, as well as strengthen transparency among key stakeholders through annual and quarterly reports. 

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