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Services provided:
  • In-person event planning for the following DC Department of Employment Services (DOES) events:
    • DOES Women in Workforce Conference
    • DOES DCIA Infrastructure Week Reception
    • DOES 800-person All Staff Meeting/Retreat
    • DOES Apprenticeship Signing & Recognition Program

"Organized. Structured. Passionate. Challenging. That's the owner of Saving Solutions, Ms. L. Tia Blount. What I have valued most about having Tia as part of my consulting team is that she 'gets stuff done'. There is a refreshing feeling of security knowing that any task given to Tia will be tackled post-haste and any roadblocks or challenges will not only be called out but will be presented with possible solutions on how to get back on track. Tia is a challenger, quick to shoot a hole through a plan or present a possible pitfall. While that may agitate some, I/we welcome challenging conversations because it helps to ensure that we are presenting our clients with well thought-out plans and approaches that are relatively risk free. Tia's attention to detail and critical strategic thinking is what makes her a valuable member of the team. We look forward to recalibrating and retooling our partnership and continuing to thrive."

Marcus Williams, Principal Consultant

MW Consulting, LLC

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