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Buzz Marketing Solutions

Generating buzz is all about breaking through the ‘noise’ to ensure your messages, content, programs and/or products reach and resonate with your intended audience(s). 


Our Buzz Marketing Solutions generate attention for your brand and are designed to increase brand awareness, increase profitability, and/or increase your customer/stakeholder base. The best part...we save you time and money by using a project management approach, and providing agency-level quality for a fraction of the cost.

Contact us TODAY to save time and money on your next buzz marketing project.


  • Branding (programs, products, communities, organizations, etc.)

  • Content development and creative design (logos, web and social media content, marketing collateral, reports, brochures, presentations, Prezis, advertisements, etc.)

  • Virtual events (conferences, awards ceremonies, board meetings, trainings, etc.)

  • In-person event (galas, receptions, conferences, fundraisers, awards ceremonies, community events, groundbreakings, ribbon cuttings, etc.)


Business Development Solutions

The goal of business development is to identify and cultivate relationships with your target audiences in order to secure new business. But that's only half the battle. The other part involves deepening those relationships as a means of enhancing trust, transparency and increased profitability. 


We save you time and money by delivering solutions that are relevant, timely and tied to increases in your revenue and performance.


Our Business Development Solutions include: developing business strategies and processes; conducting internal and external training and development (on myriad topics); and helping you strengthen relationships with existing partners, funders and clients through developing stakeholder reports that highlight your progress and accomplishments. 

Contact us TODAY to save time and money on your business development needs.


  • Business strategies and processes

  • Stakeholder reports (strategic plans, quarterly progress reports, annual reports, Year-in-Reviews, etc.)

  • Training and development (diverse myriad topics)


Budgeting Solutions

Budgeting is intrinsically tied to outcomes in business and in life. With nearly 80% of Americans living paycheck-to-paycheck, we help individuals identify enough discretionary income (money left over after expenses) to begin pursuing short- and medium-term goals. For individuals, it may mean having enough discretionary income to save for a new car.  For couples and families, it may mean saving for a new home or your child’s education.  For aspiring entrepreneurs, 77% of which rely on personal savings for their business startup funds, budgeting is a key tool for these savings. And for small business owners, budgeting can offer insight into how the business is performing from month to month, where cuts can be made and whether you have the funds to make new purchases.   


Our budgeting solutions save you time and money by using a simple 5-step approach that removes the guesswork from your monthly budgeting process and creates hundreds of dollars in savings when combined with discipline and several budget hacks.  We even offer a FREE Budget Companion Tool that is perfectly designed to complement our budget method!


Our R.E.A.L.I.S.T.I.C Budget Method is:

  • Reflective of real-time data

  • Easy to track/follow

  • Actionable

  • Leaves room for flexibility

  • Income based

  • Strategic

  • Timebound (typically developed monthly)

  • Inclusive of all expenses

  • Clear

Don't want to go it alone in your budgeting?  Contact us to learn more about our new R.E.A.L.I.S.T.I.C Budget Method Coaching Plans and Virtual Trainings.


Budget Method Final.jpg


  • Simple 5-step approach that removes the guess work from your monthly budgeting process and shows you clearly what throws your budget off

  • Easy to read format with plain text (a format that has been tested in the market and that customers say they prefer)

  • Cool BONUS content including budget hacks that create additional savings.

  • Would you spend $25.99 to save between $200 - $500 a month? 

  • Would you sacrifice the cost of five cups of coffee to build a solid foundation for your finances?

  • Can you truly afford another year of not having your finances in order?


Grab your FREE Budget Companion Tool when you sign up for our Solutions 2 Save Blog


  • An exhaustive list of expense categories to choose from and that can be easily customized based on your needs

  • A credit worksheet to capture all your debts (e.g., credit cards, student loans, personal loans), interest rates, available balances, etc.

  • An annual budget worksheet to capture your unique budget figures.

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